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I’ve always loved people with some sort of weaknesses. Not like weakness for shoes or weakness for pearl strings, or weakness for new Audi cars. What I mean is weakness for some unusual, quirky things almost like a fetish. For example, collecting all the first frames coming out of old film cameras or picking up chewing gums form the back of the table, collecting all sort of colours of matches, or taking picture of McDonalds letter “M” wherever you travel abroad. You know the sort of fetish you would secretly hide from everyone’s eye and maybe even silently deny you adore it.

One of my biggest fetishes is clementines. Every time I go to a supermarket to choose one, I am very picky with my choice. It has to be perfectly round, the skin must be a little bit loose and with its smell it has to assure me it is ripped off from a tree as gently as you would milk a cow.

The best part comes when eating it. I always divide it in lobules; with my teeth gently bite off the very top of lobule then I peel off the husk, suck out every cell hiding in a lobule and then I finish it off with eating the skin.

I invite you all to share a bit of your weaknesses and send me photos with carefully treasured mumbo-jumbos.