My weekly advertising Bible reports that Mother London has kicked off new ad campaign for IKEA. They have created a cover for oh-so-famous 80’s hit “You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties” by Jona Lewie. The track is performed by upcoming UK band ‘Man Like Me’ and is remixed by producer Arthur Baker. The guys in the track are experiencing four IKEA kitchen parties. Now the track is cut down to 60sec ad and is aired at X Factor ad breaks on ITV.

The beat is quite low, stylish and cool and the first time I heard it I thought it wasn’t catchy. This was until I found myself replaying song for the 20th time and singing along. Here’s the original (almost as good):

I am very curious to see where this goes from now and how far Mother is going to develop the campaign. Few years ago LYNX “I like to party” hit made it to the billboard charts and was hugely successful as it was seeded in clubs all over the Europe. I am wondering if IKEA’s NR.1 party hit will become as appealing as LYNX “I like to party” back in the days. Something tells me that it will.


Parallel Lines


DDB London has launched fantastic Global cinematic campaign for Philips, ‘Parallel Lines’ which features five films, all using the same script. The unusual campaign, which follows the much-admired Philips Carousel work, sees DDB London collaborate with five RSA directors with the goal to create a series of films that aim to emphasize the message of Philips’ bringing that unique cinematic experience into home. The campaign carries the strapline ‘There are millions of ways to tell a story. There’s only one way to watch one.’

RSA directors received brief from DDB London of making cinematic films no longer than 3 minutes each and all had to use the same 6 lines of following dialogue:

All six lines of dialogue were written by DDB and five directors have turned them into five very different films.

Directed by Johnny Hardstaff the movie “DarkRoom” tells a story about secret observer.

Greg Fay talks about self-sacrifice and fulfillment in his short movie “El Secreto de Mateo”

Directed by Carl Erik Rinsch, short movie “The gift” is reveling family secret and dark greed surrounding it.

Jake Scott in his short movie “The Hunt” talks about wilderness of freedom.

Directed by Hi-Sim the movie “Jun and the Hidden Skies” tells a story about boy and girl who get rescued by the dragon.

The campaign strategy was based on promoting films through film fanatic blogger audience via series of bespoke boxes representing each of five films. PR agency Ketchum OneVoice commissioned design studio Blast to create the boxes. Each box contained exclusive items relating to one of the five Parallel Lines films, including a clue to one of the lines of dialogue, a letter from Ridley Scott and still images from the films.

DarkRoom box with content below

El Secreto de Mateo box

The Gift box

The Hunt box

Jun and the Hidden Skies box

I have written before about Marmite and how clever they are with their advertising. While reading this week’s Campaign, I saw this amazing print and press campaign which was launched in 1st March. Alongside the tagline “Have we gone too far?” DDB London launched spoof products such as shower gel, fabric softner and a perfume, in a bid to highlight the launch of new brand extension, a Marmite cereal bar.

I cannot help but put a smile on my face. As always, everything ties in perfectly. Quirky yet daring tone of voice and “love it or hate it” attitude.