Few tips for a successful job interview


Knowing that the job will be given to 1 in 100 applicants in advertising, marketing or media, wanted to share few tips to succeed in the whole job hunting thing and most importantly – the interviews.

1. Don’t underestimate the power of writing. Your covering letter will be the first thing your recruiter will read. Make sure your covering letter is engaging, outstanding and written in a good language. Again, don’t use cheesy phrases, don’t try to be too clever. Besides your skills, your employer will be interested in your personality and passion for business so covering letter is where you can shine.

2. Quality not quantity. I’ve heard stories of people sending out 900 job applications before finding their perfect job. That is all fine as long as you are not copy-pasting the same thing to everyone. Quantity will not guarantee you a job interview, however, qualitative application will.

3. Read the job advert. The tone of the voice and the information posted about the company can give you an understanding about what the company is like. For example, if the company writes paragraphs and paragraphs praising themselves and few lines about the job, you can be reassured that the company is proud about their success and their ideology. So when you’re applying – play on it.

Also, apply only if you think you meet their selection criteria and truly believe you are suitable for the job.

4. Don’t apply for a job you don’t want to do. You might end up doing it and being very unhappy.

5. Do your homework. When asked to come for an interview make a good research on company’s business and clients. Get under the skin of their consumers, their strengths and weaknesses and think about possible questions they might ask.

6. It’s about who you are and what you can do. Or is it? Most of the time your background is not as important as your personality is. Advertising, marketing and media businesses tend to employ people from all sorts of backgrounds. If you have a pleasant, outgoing, fun personality which you know how to shine through your job interview you are more likely to get a job even if you are not the most qualified person in the world.

7. Be memorable. It can be unusual piece of clothing or unusual hairstyle you’re wearing. However, the most memorable accessory is your personality.

8. Don’t expect for miracle to happen. Be eager, keen and enthusiastic to learn. Keep on applying, keep on nagging and the most importantly – keep on asking questions. That is the only way of selling yourself.


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