You’ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties


My weekly advertising Bible reports that Mother London has kicked off new ad campaign for IKEA. They have created a cover for oh-so-famous 80’s hit “You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties” by Jona Lewie. The track is performed by upcoming UK band ‘Man Like Me’ and is remixed by producer Arthur Baker. The guys in the track are experiencing four IKEA kitchen parties. Now the track is cut down to 60sec ad and is aired at X Factor ad breaks on ITV.

The beat is quite low, stylish and cool and the first time I heard it I thought it wasn’t catchy. This was until I found myself replaying song for the 20th time and singing along. Here’s the original (almost as good):

I am very curious to see where this goes from now and how far Mother is going to develop the campaign. Few years ago LYNX “I like to party” hit made it to the billboard charts and was hugely successful as it was seeded in clubs all over the Europe. I am wondering if IKEA’s NR.1 party hit will become as appealing as LYNX “I like to party” back in the days. Something tells me that it will.


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