Did you know


that you can eat 3000 years old honey or that if a tree falls in the forest it does not make a sound? Did you know that your eyeballs stay the same size from birth to death, that Coca Cola kills insects or that cows that are given names produce more milk?

Today in Latvian Art Director Club (ladc.lv) Kieth Reinhard gave a lecture “Power of creativity” where he was sharing his views on creativity. While Mr. Reinhard was explaining everything he knows, my mind got caught by a phrase he said: “Media agencies are getting more and more important because where and when should I engage my customer should be the first questions asked.”

Surely, few years ago it was enough if you put an ad in every tv channel there is and ran a few poster ads or maybe a jingle in the radio was good, but nowadays when consumers are sitting in twitter, Facebook, bebo, asw reading hotmail, gmail and every single mail there is, when they run and they ride and they travel (and all at the same time) media choice has become one of the most important aspects of advertising.

The same goes for customer engagement. Few years ago it was enough to make a funny ad or do something a bit out of line to get all the attention but nowadays consumers want a real return for their time, they want a tangible value for spending their time with the brand. But the client wants to see proven form of results. This is where direct marketing is great at because it can give written proof of results, engagement and it can reach customers there and then.

But nevermind all the rules of advertising, to really know your audience, you have to get up and do your homework in research. So go and start asking questions.


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