Few tips for a successful presentation


Today I was doing a guest lecture in one of the high schools in Sigulda, Latvia. I was mainly talking about social politics and economics in Vietnam. The lecture went very well, I had around 76-slides long presentation which by the end of it felt a bit short. But while the kids were grasping for more, I started to think about presentations and what you should do to be successful at presenting.

1. Be prepared. Nothing gives you more confidence than knowing your topic. The audience instantly feels when you haven’t done your homework and trying to give an impression that you have might put you in an awkward situation.

2. Be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm always attracts people. Even if you are talking about the most boring thing in the world (let’s say bricks), you should strive to find a point or a quality that you like so you can have a positive feel to a subject.

3. Keep a track of time. If you tell your audience that presentation will last 20 minutes then try to fit in the time you’ve set.

4. Don’t be repetitive. An audience understands when you tell them something once. There is no need to repeat the same thing in 5 presentation slides.

5. Keep it simple. Don’t use awkward words, slang and don’t try to be too clever. The best presentations are straight to the point and easy to understand. Using terms that no-one understands gives an impression that you don’t understand the topic.

6. Practice, practice, practice. That is what makes perfection.


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