About Vietnam and languages


Now, finally I am back to civilization and all excited after my trip to Vietnam. I spent 5 weeks teaching, volunteering and exploring Vietnamese culture. You can read about all of it here.

One of the wonderful things I experienced in Vietnam was meeting Siberians. They went to Vietnam strongly convinced that everybody in the whole world speaks Russian so they wouldn’t have any trouble with ordering train tickets, buying goods or simply browsing around the city. Somewhat weirdly we happened to meet each other in a hotel I was staying so I helped them out with translating everything they needed to survive in Saigon. But one thing that really excites me is the richness of Russian language. There are at least twenty different ways of saying one thing.

This small prelude was dedicated to this viral showing Russian news broadcaster reading news. For those who understand Russian, you will notice the rough way of speaking. Rich language indeed.


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