How we made our millions


We were exhibiting at D&AD New Blood last week and as a part of the exhibition we were also visiting Grey London who gave us a brief:

“Take this tenner and make money. The more money you make, the more money you keep. We’re open to how you do it. Only keep a record. Keep it legal-ish. Don’t get arrested, come back in two weeks time and show us how you made your millions.”

After receiving the brief me and my creative / startegic partner Chloe combined our tenners and were considering loads of ways of getting cash. Starting from investing money in a stock market, making balloons, hot dogs, buying an antique and selling it, flower business, car boot sale, making ice-cream and selling in park, paint ball, selling our souls and loads, loads more.  So, after all considerations and observations on a high street, we realized that on the top of the game are cupcakes.

We decided that we want our product to be organic, free range and hand made, so all the goodies that are very trendy at the moment. The next day we bought all the ingredients and cracked onto baking:

We decided that plain cupcakes would be too boring and might not sell well, so we made some icing and decorated all cupcakes:

This is how those cupcakes looked like:

After the cupcakes were baked, we felt like they on their own are not going to look expensive, so we decided to pack them nicely to add some more value:

We baked 83 cupcakes and they were two kinds: small and big ones. We spent around £19.09 and overall, to make, bake and pack one cupcake cost £0.23. We were selling small cupcakes for £0.70, but the big ones for £1.20.

We branded ourselves as “Chrysalis Cupcakes” and our logo was stylized butterfly.

As we didn’t have a stand or anything at all to sell those cupcakes, we ended up taking my vintage suitcase (which I got as a present from one of our clients), stocking it up with cupcakes and selling out of the suitcase. We fitted in the suitcase around 66 cupcakes.

We started off by selling on a street and got a lot of attention (people wondering what we are doing, why we are selling), however, the business didn’t go so well, so we decided to act quickly and go to Southampton Solent University to sell cupcakes to admins, lecturers and students who could afford to pay over a pound for a cupcake.

After two hour long intense selling we ran out of cupcakes and made £43.88 which makes it profit of over £24.79. Success!


One Response to “How we made our millions”

  1. Mike Says:

    Well done ladies, I hope you didn’t stop at that. You had 2 weeks. Have you gone back to see them? And are you going to work in Creative or Account Planning?

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