Crunchie crunch


Couple of days ago Fallon released their newest ad for Cadbury’s Crunchie Rock sweets. The ad is made in retro rock style and features a guy singing Tina Turner’s ‘We don’t need another hero’ to himself in the mirror.

The ad was supposed to encourage the ‘every day is like a Friday’ feeling, but it leaves me with one single ‘what the fuck?’ ringing in my head. Following the success of ‘Gorilla’ and ‘Dancing eyebrows’ Fallon has tried hard to imitate the complete nonsense and bullshit alike scenarios. Since then they have already created the Cheese strings character which is basically a cheese string humbling around like a retard and obsessively repeating ‘cheese strrrrring’.

It seems to me that the more you are separating real life experience and utility from a brand, the more you will be seen as the lord of the ad world and the pro of a brand building. This is oh so sad.


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