Men and Women: Dawn to Dusk


Umida Akhmedova is an Uzbek photographer and the first female photographer in the country who, in 2007, produced an album of images of the everyday lives of the people of Uzbekistan. The album, titled “Men and Women: Dawn to Dusk”, contains more than 100 images of Uzbek traditions and customs. The images, which are of simple and everyday scenes, have been criticized by the Uzbek authorities, who have claimed that photos portray the people of Uzbekistan as “backward” and since then the government authorities have charged Ms. Akhmedova with “slander” and “insult“ against her own nation.

In February 2010 she was found guilty of slandering and insulting the Uzbek people, but could walk away free. Though the charges carried a prison sentence of up to three years emprisonment, the judge waived a penalty saying that the convict was granted an amnesty in honor of the 18th anniversary of Uzbek independence. Ms. Akhmedova said she intended to appeal the conviction.


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