3 truths about TV


I’ve always had very weird relationship with television. Mainly because I cannot understand it.

1. When I was a kid, we had quite a few bits of old electronics lying around the house. One of them was a circuit board.

I imagined circuit board being a city. Lines were motorways and streets, all the round buttons were houses, but all the squares were factories. I couldn’t figure out what was the battery though. Battery was always a mystery to me, it seemed to be too special to be just a house, but did not quite fit the factory standard. After defining the objects I would take matches and play “Lilliputian people in the city”.

2. What really scared me back then was the news broadcaster. Often news broadcaster was a lady. As she always looked in the camera I thought she is watching me. I was convinced she knows my name and where I live.

If I would hear the news were on, I would avoid the room or enter it very slowly while keeping an eye on the screen. I would test weather the sight of the news broadcasters’ straight look in the eye changed by sliding from one side of the room to another. Yes, she was always looking at me.

Sometimes I behaved extremely good in front of TV. Ate with a good pace, sat with the straight back and showed it I am carefully brushing my teeth. Opposite was when I misbehaved. I would hide behind the wardrobe or under the desk while watching the news.

3. I often took a close look at the tiniest pixels on a TV screen. Sometimes I would sit so close that my eyes would go out of focus. I tried to capture the colour. I couldn’t work out how come the closer you get to the TV, the less colour you see. In the end I could spot only red, blue and yellow. It was only few years later when I learnt those were the primary colours who mixed and mashed all the other colours up and created the illusion of the green. Or brown. Or lightly mellow.

Luckily, I’m over the phase I thought TV is watching me. Nevertheless, I haven’t got it for 7 years now.


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