Coke’s Happiness Machine vs Nesquik’s Talking Vending Machine


Coca-Cola’s “Happiness Factory” originally was launched in 2006 and was featuring animated creatures. Although “Happiness Factory” has gone on to become the highest rated global spot The Coca-Cola Company has ever tested and the original ad has won several awards, lately their ads with “Happiness Factory” felt a bit weak and irrelevant.

This amazing stunt performed and created by Definition6 features a Coke machine which dispenses pure happiness. First, it gives away free Coke. Then, it presents flowers, gives away party glasses and makes adorable balloon animals for the nearby students. It opens up a bottle of Coke and gives away pizza. Finally, it hands out a six foot sandwich. Pure happiness and all of a sudden, their slogan “Happiness Factory” makes so much more sense.

Let’s give it a smile one more time:

Now check out the Nesquik talking vending machine from 2007, which asked people to perform chicken dance, sing for it, high-five it and brakedance for it with the promise of free bottle of Nesquick for everyone who played along.

Back in the early 1950’s there was a Hidden Camera TV show called “Talking Mailboxes” which probably inspired Nesquik for a stunt and possibly later on Coca-Cola for their stunt. Although very similar, the execution of ideas are different. I just love the way “Happiness Factory” entered the real world sharing happiness and making the vending machine into tangible form of happiness.


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