Yesterday was a big day for Apple as they launched the iPad which is basically a giant version of an iPhone. Finally you have the opportunity to carry around 1.5 pounds (0.68 kg) of weight to deal with crucial day-to-day activities like sending an email to your mom, reading the news on Twitter or browsing around Facebook photos. All in no time!

Having a small chat about the latest devices, one of my course mates said that iPad is probably for Account Planners. Those annoying people within an ad agency who pretend to be more important than they are. So someone like me. Also for the ones who are addicted to Apple products and would buy them just because they’re labeled as an Apple.

Saying that, recently I converted to a Mac and I’m quite a technological geek myself. Of course, I own all the latest gadgets. You know, modern devices like film camera, stationary phone and a pigeon who is excellent at dealing with my mail.

Following video pretty much illustrates everything iPad is great at as well as it shows my personal view on this revolutionary gadget.


Under the name of “Emergence: A Life in Ten Chapters” these photographs were taken by Norbert Schoerner and published in 2009 September issue in Above magazine.

The moody lightening, dramatic feel and alluring model cast is telling a story about a girl who is discovering and loosing herself within the world of destruction of nature.

Nevermind the lightening, gloomy colours and hazy storyline, the author is guiding me through photographs with a grace and style leaving strange lightness consoling that in the end, everything will be fine.

I’m just wondering weather another chapter could be added.

Jump shot


Yes, everything old is new again.

Issue of Vogue back in the 60’s featuring model/actress Jean Shrimpton. I’m just wondering weather that foot is touching the ground purposely or just by accident?

Grace Coddington makes one of the camera crew jump for the 2007 September issue of Vogue.

Packaging design


Olive packaging by Saana Väisänen

Popcorn microwave packaging by Anni Nykänen

NYC Spaghetti by Alex Creamer


Summer Watkins

Coke by