Sliding Doors in Print


Speaking of furniture, 303 advertising agency in Perth, Australia launched interactive print campaign. Spreaded in two full right-hand pages in the newspaper they interacted with each other. When the first page was moved sideways, it revealed the second page beneath. The creative execution featured an unbranded full-page IKEA NEXUS cupboard door with the copyline “Slide to open” on the the margin. When a reader followed the instruction, the entire center section of the paper moved sideways, revealing smart storage solutions inside the wardrobe on the second page.


Here is what 303 had to say about the campaign:

IKEA is famous for its storage. But demonstrating the key benefits of IKEA storage solutions in traditional print media can be flat and uninspiring – hardly the desired attributes of the brand, itself. So when IKEA wanted to promote the ease-of-use and practical storage benefits of their sliding door wardrobe system over traditional open-out doors, we suggested an innovative creative and media solution. By demonstrating the features and benefits of their flagship PAX bedroom storage system in a novel and engaging way, surprising consumers and using the unique properties of the newspaper medium itself.”


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