Weird things I’ve made


Sam Wilson is a writer for Cape Town TV company and seemingly quite bored man as he has come up with the idea of screaming out your Tweets form a mountaintop, then filming the action and posting it online.

But the story is not about him screaming out tweets this time. Digging into his website, my attention was drawn to a section “weird things I’ve made” which contains few really nice videos. Some pure ideas, done at home, using the objects around his house.

I am amazed by how carefully he has edited each and one of those videos and the fact he has gotten rid of all the unnecessary, glossy things just to put an emphasis on the main idea.

Yoyo out of toilet roll.

It’s all about quartet. Rowboat

A perfect way of the slap.


One Response to “Weird things I’ve made”

  1. cilveks Says:

    Love it! Sooo funny!

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