Kosai Sekine


Although this blog is about all things small: small ideas, small pictures, not always the groundbreaking ideas, I decided to share my passion for Japanese Director Kosai Sekine. With great diversity he continues to impress with ads, music videos and short films. He has won many awards, but nothing speaks better than his work. Very quirky, with a twist of Japanese modesty yet he manages to bring out cultural differences in stunning and very original way.

Right Place is short film about a clerk of a convenience store with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

A story about  a girl who is gifted and finally finds a courage to share her gift.

You should do something!

Human rights


2 Responses to “Kosai Sekine”

  1. Go for Kosai Says:

    Kosaine’s production was actually quite good. Especially “everyone has a gift” and “you should so something” were the best ones of this selection. However, these were not so excellent compared to European ad productions but still quite nice.

    • Go for Kosai Says:

      One more thing… The production called “Break-up Service” mady by Kosai is really good! And its from Saatchi&Saatchi’s???Wau.

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