Potential of being creative


Few weeks ago I read a book “Lunar Park” by Bret Easton Ellis. The book itself was written in a quite complicated way, one sentence taking a whole paragraph. Nevermind the everlasting sentences and a storyline where the author is challenging the reader to pierce in his drug addict mind and leaves the reader with an open and never answered question – was it really truthful story and should I pity the hero of it? “Lunar Park” is truly a masterpiece. But the book is not the subject.

My attention was drawn to a few sentences where Ellis describes his childhood house and particularly his room where huge part is taken with books, novels and poems he has written since his childhood. Following that I had almost divine afflatus that creative people are naturally born creative and being naturally creative is almost like a sacred gift from somebody above. Of cause, someone could argue that you can train your mind and there are plenty of creative problem solving techniques out there.

Later on the same week, I read an article about some well known Latvian copywriter. Mom-of-three she is young, energetic and the former secretary. I was blown away by the lightness she is writing about her life and her career. But one paragraph she wrote just underpinned everything I have ever believed in, giving huge strength to keep on nagging.

She wrote that we shouldn’t underestimate our own abilities and that she believes people can change their lives and attitudes dramatically based on some certain events (not necessarily big events). And if one says he loves the other, she is sure it is given 100% although after few months the one finds another love. The same is for being creative when you can discover it along your life.

I think we all have a potential to be creative. Every single day we form sentences in our mind before they come out of our lips. And isn’t it the most basic sign of creativity?



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