First ever video-in-print


It has come to my attention that a new technology has come up.

CNET News is reporting that CBS will be the first company ever to use a video ad in print this September in Entertainment Weekly.

The first-ever video-in-print promotion plays full-motion video at a crisp resolution and it works like one of those little audio birthday cards. Opening the page activates the player, which is a 2.7 millimeters thick screen seen through a cutaway between two pages keeping the larger circuit board underneath. The audio quality is equally good, but there are no volume controls, and in a quiet environment, it’s quite loud.

This is surely just a small step into new shift of medium. Just cannot wait until this sort of advertising will be made in a bigger video-screen-in-print. I suppose these are also good news for the companies advertising movies and cinema as video in print would be seen so much more live as never before.


One Response to “First ever video-in-print”

  1. okay Says:

    I think no company can afford this kind of advertisement to print medium. Print medium is going down and fast. However, this is good for outdoor-advertising in bill boards located in the city center.

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