What if..?


Today, while holding a thick book I’m reading at the moment, I had to pop by a friend’s place. She is living 30 minutes away by train so I decided to take the book with me. As it is so thick, I was just daydreaming about how nice it would be if all books would consists of segments which could be easily removable. Can you imagine ripping out lets say 30 pages after reading them and putting them away so you wouldn’t have to carry all that unnecessary weight? And when it comes to returning them to the library, just put those segments back.

This brought me thinking about little what if..? questions we should all ask every day. All the good things, innovations and absolutely crazy inventions (like an i-pod) have come to this world as a result of this little what if..? question.

Speaking of which, there is amazingly inspiring website full of what if..? questions, small ideas and some crazy *hit like that.



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