Unidentified Flying Object


July 19, 2008

A strange crater appears in Potters Fields Park and large UFO object lands on the grass next to City Hall where it was emitting smoke and strange noise. Two men in dark glasses and a suit were guarding the crash site and silently refusing to explain the curious ones what was happening. Few people started to panic and shout “Mulder was right!” as well as “They are here!”.

But the truth is that Potters Fields Park was hired for a stunt to promote the launch of the Vauxhall Insignia car (also known as Opel brand outside the UK).

The culmination of the launch is when Vauxhall Insignia drops from a crane above Tower Bridge at Potters Field in London (45 meters height) and drives away.

I am amazed by the reaction of passers-by. People were actually scared, curious and happy at the same time. With this sort of promotion Vauxhall Insignia were not scared to demonstrate paranormal persistence of the car and risk with the culmination (e.g. dropping down the car and being sure it will be able to drive away). They certainly did it smoothly and brilliantly easy. It really seems that Vauxhall Insignia is made with this kind of a purpose – to be dropped down, smashed and treated like there is no tomorrow.


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